Creek Heights

Your perfect home at Hyatt Regency
Creek Heights Residences…
whatever you wish for is here.

A home at Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences is special. It is a combination of the Hyatt commitment, where every little detail is thought of, and the wasl promise, that ensures your satisfaction above all else.

Whether you choose an elegant studio apartment or one of our super luxury penthouses, you will find fully furnished interiors that are immaculately crafted.

From the moment you enter the opulent lobby of Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences, luxury surrounds you. Each wall is a work of art, incorporating sophisticated metallic and filigreed elements.

Interior furniture is bespoke crafted to cue comfort and class. Fixtures are top of the range products from the world’s finest design companies. And all appliances are discretely hidden behind wall panels, just a touch away.

Everything, from expensive linen to polished cutlery and tastefully chosen décor is meant to make you feel special.

Hyatt. You’re more than welcome.

Hyatt Regency
Creek Heights Residences…
for those who seek only
the exclusive.

A luxury apartment at Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences is all about exclusivity. Move into one and you will receive Hyatt’s renowned hospitality.

Privileges include access to Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences’ gym and swimming pool to help you enjoy and relax in comfort.

A la carte Five Star services give you access to gourmet dining and other amenities. A rental management program operated by the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights hotel is also available to you.

Hyatt. You’re more than welcome.

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